Colorado Digital Service Embeds Equity into their Team Agreements and Design Exercises

Creating Team Agreements

  • We confront problems, not people.
    Our key focus is to improve the way digital government services are provided to all members of the Colorado community. In an effort to effectively achieve this mission, we choose to fight systems and challenge premises. More importantly, we do this so that others can feel the ability to do the same safely.
  • We are not here to judge.
    Governmental systems have been trying to support the collective care of the public for decades. In this, we recognize that there may be circumstances where previous implementations of a service were not ideal. It is not our place to place judgment on how a service came to be, instead our focus is on how to improve these services to the best of our ability.

Developing Equity Exercises

  • Mapping the people who are impacted.
    A team needs 30–45 min in order to run this play. Use this exercise at a pivotal moment in the decision-making process in order to create a shared understanding across the team of people who are impacted. The goal of this is to take stock of and regularly consider and/or engage with all of the people who are impacted.



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