Cross-sector Collaboration during COVID-19: Lessons Learned from Colorado Exposure Notifications Metrics

A collection of hand-sketched graphics representing potential experiences for Exposure Notifications where a user, Alice, gets a notification of exposure.

Automating Exposure Notifications Metrics

A diagram that represents inputs (including CEDRRs, Twilio, Google Play, APHL, Google Analytics, MITRE and Google Cloud Platform) into an Aggregated Database that sends daily updates to a spreadsheet.

Cross-state collaboration on metrics

Key Lessons Learned

1. Relationships are critical, so invest in others early and often.

2. Rapid iteration in government is challenging, but critical and possible.

3. Keep a pulse on your team and their ecosystem, and stay flexible.

4. Choosing the right tools matters.

5. If it’s not sustainable, it doesn’t work.

Our work is now open sourced!

A screenshot of a Github repository for Exposure Notifications Metrics that is hosted on the Colorado Digital Service public repo.



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